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he Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq considers private security per-se as a threat to national security because it offers the potential for the
introduction of criminal elements, and / or illegal weapons. Consequently, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is engaged in a campaign to license all Private
Security Companies (PSC). Licensing legitimizes one very large segment of the many armed groups operating in Iraq.

The U.S. Government has endorsed this approach to the degree that the language in current Reconstruction associated contracts specifies that companies providing security services be Registered by the Ministry of Trade, and be Licensed, or be in the process of Licensing with the Ministry of Interior. As far as the U.S. Government is concerned, licensing implies validation, and professionalism, in an industry that is highly visible, and which is one of the largest employers of Iraqi citizens.

The core documents addressing the relationships between Private Security, the Host Nation, and the U.S. Government are: CPA Memorandum 17, and CPA Order 17 (Click here for CPA Documents). Until such time as the Host Nation publishes a constitutionally grounded law which incorporates most of the provisions of these two aging CPA documents, they will remain in effect, as part of the Iraqi Government regulatory process. PSCAI anticipates such a law in 2008. The Ministry of Interior has been preparing for that eventuality by reinforcing the company legal commitment to the welfare of
host nation employees, pressuring the companies to obtain visa's for their foreign employees, and by continually reminding the companies to have documentation available at National check points. The PSCAI requires member PSC’s to be Licensed or in the process of Licensing with the Baghdad Ministry of Interior, or the KRG Ministry of Interior, or both. PSCAI is a persistent advocate to the MoI Department of Private Security Company Registration and Adjudication (PSCD) for it’s members who are “in the process of licensing.”

Baghdad MOI PSC Registration Process


PSCs Operating in the Kurdistan Region
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Interior (MOI) also has a PSC Registration process and it is outlined here in their guidelines dating from December 2005. The requirements have some similarities to those in the Baghdad MOI PSC Registration Process but differ in that there is no requirement for a duplication of funds (e.g. if you are registered with the Baghdad MOI, you do not have to post another $25,000 bond with the KRG MOI) and they have a separate weapons card program. PSCs operating in the Kurdistan Region are also required to have an office in Erbil or the surrounding area to ensure the KRG MOI can contact your company at their convenience. The KRG MOI along with the PSCAI urge all PSCs operating in Kurdistan to review the guidelines below and present your company to the KRG MOI as soon as possible to start the registration process. Please click below to read the legislation applicable to PSCs operating in the Kurdistan Region.

KRG MOI PSC Registration Process

Coming Soon – Samples of both licenses in order that PSCs and Clients can ensure compliance and recognize the proper documentation for operating in Iraq.

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